SMARC Repeater

Repeater Is Now Live!!!

Frequency: 449.350
Offset: -5.0MHz
PL/CTCSS Tone: 123.0Hz


For those who want to connect with VOIP, here is the information needed to make that happen:
Allstar: Node #593660 – Callsign KS7MC
Echolink: Access to the repeater via Echolink works best through our Conference Server *SMARC*, node number 145556.

SMARC now has an Echolink Conference server! The purpose of this conference is to get amateur radio operators together and also give access to the world of VOIP. If you want to host a net on our conference server, please ask first! You can shoot us an email at President@SMARC.Club and we will get back to you as soon as possible.